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29-03-15 07:29 Romain spun out to dry whilst Pastor gets punctured and brakes down.
28-03-15 08:55 And a mixed-weather afternoon
27-03-15 09:00 Mixed Malaysia running for Romain and Pastor
26-03-15 08:37 Romain and Pastor work up a sweat in Malaysia
24-03-15 09:47 Pastor is buoyed by the potential of the E23 Hybrid and reckons Sepang should suit the squad.
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How We Stand

Romain Grosjean: 11
Pastor Maldonado: DNF
Our Drivers
Pastor Maldonado: - 0pts
Romain Grosjean: 16 - 0pts
Our Team
Lotus F1 Team 9 - 0pts

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